Your Water Heater May Be Ready to Take Off!

You probably don’t think about your water heater all too often. You turn the faucet on and out comes the hot water. Seems simple enough.

If not properly installed, a water heater can quite literally turn into a rocket … or worse yet … a bomb. There is a device commonly referred to as a Temperature/Pressure Relief Valve, or TPRV, that is designed to prevent this from happening. Often times, a homeowner will install his/her own water heater and not install the TPRV. Critical mistake!

The TPRV is designed to discharge water should the temperature or pressure exceed its designed limits. At the point of failure, the valve opens and bleeds off enough water to rectify the conditions. But if this valve was never installed you have a really dangerous situation on your hands.

This is what it looks like when a TPRV is ‘capped’ and non-functional.

Click the image below to watch a YouTube video of a water heater that exploded due to a missing TPRV … warning though … it’s scary to think abut this happening in your own home.